La Mal Bouffe

This project is based upon my fascination for people eating on the go, the excesses of bad habits, fast food consumption and their consequences  on the body.

Therefore I studied the “one day tourists” visiting my home town Ostend (Belgium).

But I soon realized, this was getting beyond the looks of people. Ostend is the end station of the longest railway line of this small country, and therefore bringing a diversity of social lower stands Belgians enjoying a day at the sea side.

At the end of the day, they leave the board walk on the way to the station and before getting to the train, they stop at one of the many “fish stands”. Some take it away on the train, but lot of them consume their meal  “standing-up”, between the garbage bins and the seagulls feces.

Alone or in group, and with the sole interest : engorging huge quantity of food!

Fast-food consumption and the consequences on the body, the habits, the clothing, the way of  living of social lower-class citizen is the main subject of this “socio-graphical” study.

“La Mal Bouffe” in French simply means: wrong eating !

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